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Success Stories


Lauren Mitchell


From the 2024 Grammy Winning

Album “Basie Swings The Blues”

“There are not enough superlatives in the English language for me to use to describe what it’s like to work with Jonathan.


Having been in a creative funk (and no, I don’t mean the good Bootsy Collins/James Brown kind of funk) for several years after the release of my last album, trying time & time again to pull myself out of it, it was only in spending time with Jonathan that I was able to understand WHY I hadn’t been able to create anything new.


He intuitively understood the right questions to ask me, in order to assist me in seeing MYSELF more clearly. And in doing so, he helped me understand the reasons my artistic vision had been so clouded. Jonathan was able to hold a space large & safe enough for me to be my full self in his presence & to not shy away from any aspect of my journey … from the good, to the bad, and even the dark, icky parts.


It is through those questions that Jonathan was able to guide me back home .. home to myself, to my creative fire, to my artistry … and most importantly WHY I am an artist.


I am forever grateful for the time I spent with Jonathan … for the guidance, the conversation, and the mirror Jonathan held up for me … the place where I was able to reflect on everything I am, and my larger purpose in this lifetime as an artist.”

Rick Lewis

Soulshine Photographix

Megan Billings

Actress | Singer | Dancer

"The game-changing content Jonathan provides is so unique and unlike anything else out there and available to artists right now.

I always learn something in my time with Jonathan. I walk away so inspired to keep growing as an artist and a human. My biggest win is I finally had the clarity and certainty to take some action steps that have needed to happen for some months. I took action and didn’t have decision fatigue afterwards!

"The creatives in the world need what Jonathan has to teach them. So often teachers and coaches are themselves blocked creatives who pivot into teaching to avoid the doing of the art themselves. Jonathan is the most free and creative teacher/coach/person I’ve ever met because he's doing the work he's teaching. This makes him a marketable, worth-a-lot unicorn, and every client can feel the honest and pure intentions behind the beautiful work."

Megan 3.jpeg

Loel Camp Bomgardner


“I was so pleased with my recent somatic session with Jonathan.  His natural sense of empathy combined with thorough training provided a pathway for healing, comfort and hope.   Afterwards, I felt a new sense of awareness and clarity.  He guided me to discover some tools to combat pain or obstacles in the future.   Thank you Jonathan!"

Keith Turner


"My creative channel had hit a wall and I didn’t know exactly what to do. I was spinning my wheels in the way I knew how to spin them, but my photography wasn't bringing me fulfillment anymore.

I initially thought I could take a break and renew my energy to pick it back up and do it again. After talking with Jonathan, I realized, not only do I not want to cause my wheels to spin, I never want to go back and do the same thing over and over again. I want to do new things and channel my creativity in new ways.

I believe creativity thrives in relationships, not as a solo act. Because when we are working in relationship with others, they help us see outside the box in ways we never considered. The relationship is the foundation of creative wholeness. 

That’s what my conversation with Jonathan did. His personable and real spirit created a time together that helped me see my creativity and my giftedness to be used and expressed in ways I never thought to do on my own."


Susan Hanlon

Vocalist | Vocal Studio Owner

"My business was thriving when I started working with Jonathan, I was just feeling a little lost in what steps to take next or where to find motivation for new ventures. I was so grateful for having a thriving business, but I was also feeling very overwhelmed with the thought of growth or planning the next coming year.


I knew I needed to be careful of burning out, yet I was afraid to price myself too high for my comfort level and for my ideal clients. I realized I offered more to my clients than just vocal technique lessons, but wasn’t sure how comfortable I was packaging those extras into additional services or even listing them as additional benefits that clients receive for booking with me. I was afraid of seeming boastful or “salesy” but also recognized that I needed to make a shift in my business in order to find a better work life balance.

Working with Jonathan was comfortable and clarifying and actually invigorating in ways I did not expect. I would find myself suddenly having ideas for new courses or offerings or events that made me excited and would only then realize that the ideas were coming because we had opened my ability to be excited and creative in my business again.


 The way Jonathan ask questions and lets me talk my way through the clutter in my mind, was so helpful! He helped me find clarity in what brings me joy so I have the energy to deal with the rest of what running my own business requires.


Jonathan really helped me focus on unblocking my creativity and finding joy in my work again!"

Paula Saunders Moreno

Neuro Linguist Coach and Teacher

"Working with a coach who specializes in helping individuals release negative emotions and break free from limited decisions has been truly life changing for me.

Before working with Jonathan I didn’t realize how disconnected I was from my emotions. I had been struggling in my life with knowing what I wanted, fears and limitations that were holding me back. What was so powerful about having Jonathan as a coach was his guidance, support, compassion and his thoughtful approach in helping me to articulate what I was feeling. I experienced profound shifts in my mindset and emotional well being.


Working with Jonathan, and his expertise, I felt safe, I felt heard, that led to me being more confident, and self aware. It opened up unlimited possibilities.


I highly recommend working with Jonathan. I learned valuable techniques to manage emotions, reframe negative thoughts, and make empowered decisions that align with my goals and values Truly life changing. Forever thankful."

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