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Signature Sessions

Vision Strategy Session


Your Creative is Calling

Burned out?

Ready to call it quits on your creative passions?


Give me three hours of your time first.

I get it. The lemons of life can slow you down. And maybe hardships have caused you to abandon ship! Maybe you’re not even aware where you lost touch with it all?  In this session, we will return you to the full expression of your being.

What are your strengths?

What creates flow for you?

What’s consciously blocking you from getting there?

Where are the subconscious blockages? 

Confidence is clarity plus certainty. If you’re looking for confidence in your artistry, then let’s get crystal clear on what you’re bringing into this world.

Ready to hear your creative calling?

Let’s go!


♥ Uncover your soul’s passion

♨ Reignite your fire for creativity 

⛏ Develop resources to support your expansion


✓ 1:1 call via zoom

✓ Convenient scheduling

✓ Values Elicitation

✓ Motivation Alignment

✓ Strategic Goal setting


3 hours | $500

Schedule your call here.

Difficulty finding a time? Send me a message.

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၊၊||၊ Clarify your message

$ Create copy that converts

↗ Outline clear and systematic next steps

✎ Develop resources to support your continued expansion


✓ 1:1 call via zoom

✓ Convenient scheduling

✓ Ideal client avatar

✓ Content strategy calendar

✓ Values prioritization


3 hours | $500

Schedule your call here.

Difficulty finding a time? Send me a message.


Branding Call


Focusing the Creative Calling

Who are you?

How do you help people?

What is your message?

Now you're  clear on your trajectory. You see the big picture and what you're called to do. The next step is to find your focus and bring it into reality! 

Sometimes our lifelong vision feels too etheric, and we get lost in the myriad details that all feel both important and urgent. So, let’s bring it down to earth.

What does that vision mean for you tangibly? Who are you helping? What’s their result? How do they work with you? What makes you the obvious expert they should hire for it?

In this session we’ll define your voice. This is a perfect first step for those looking to develop an online brand. The clearer you are, the better you, and your team of experts, can capture and create the essence of you that magnetizes your online presence to generate more opportunites and connections

Focus your light!

A lamp casts a lot of light.

And a laser pointer zeros in.

Business Structuring


Packaging and Selling the Creative Calling

You see the vision for your life.

You’re clear on your brand.

But what are you offering?

What’s the structure of your business?

How do you package and sell your offers?

In this session together we’ll take the best of what you do and figure out how to package it. Hourly rates are out. People want to know what result you’ll get them. So, let’s get you clear on offerings that will bring practical transformation.

How can you deliver value? What do you create and how can you have more time to do that? What can you outsource? What’s your hourly rate?

You’ll have clarity and answers for all of this when you’re done.

A fully realized business model ready to engage and convert clients at any stage in the journey. Includes a bespoke roster of people and places specifically curated to help you succeed. The world needs what you and only you can do. Let’s make sure they can find you.


Sales doesn't have to feel uncomfortable when you understand how to communicate the value of what you offer.

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𖤓 Clarify your signature offerings

↗ Develop next steps and sequential ordering for ultimate success

✎ Receive a curated resources guide to help you get where you’re going – fast!


✓ 1:1 call via zoom

✓ Convenient scheduling

✓ Strategic planning for the next year.

✓ Understanding of value (internal and financial!)

✓ Communication understanding to close sales


3 hours | $500

Schedule your call here.

Difficulty finding a time? Send me a message.

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