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Exploring the Power of Coaching: Breaking Out of Binary Thinking and Finding Grace in My Podcast Guest Appearance

My first podcast experience! Wahoo!

And not just any podcast, but one where I put myself in the coaching hot seat, with the coach I trust the most and proudly call my coach - Coach Rachel Bailey!

As a coach myself, I don’t ask clients to go to depths I’ve not visited myself. Weekly, in fact. In my own sessions as a client. So, here’s a public example of that.

Vulnerability is going to a place of complete honesty. And that’s where we find the healing.

So if you’re struggling with frustration, in midst of set back and confusion, and feeling stuck in where to go next, I hope you’ll give this a listen. Sure, you’ll hear more about the inner workings of my own mind, but more than my specific story, is hearing the lessons Rachel helped me uncover.

Through this time together, she helped me break out of my binary, lose-lose thinking, to begin exploring the possibilities of grace - to give to myself, not just others. And the awareness of bringing my artistry into my coaching as well! Plus, finding commitment and motivation through the peaks and valleys of building a dream life. What a tremendous gift!

This is the power of coaching. This is why I believe in it so much. And so, when you’re ready, reach out to see how I can help you. And, if you want this coach’s coach, you’re in tremendous hands with Rachel!!

Listen to the podcast here.

Check out Rachel's website here.

Your Creative is Calling!


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