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Vision Strategy Session

Your Creative is Calling

Feeling burned out? Ready to call it quits on your creative passions? Give me three hours of your time first.

I get it. The lemons of life can slow you down. And maybe hardships have caused you to abandon your vision for your life. Maybe you’re not even aware where you lost touch with your vision and passion. In this session together, we’re going to return you to the full expansion of your life’s calling.

What are your strengths? What are you good at? What creates flow for you? What’s blocking you from getting there?

Confidence is really clarity plus certainty. If you’re looking for confidence in your artistry, then let’s get crystal clear on what you’re bringing into this world, with powerful certainty that you won’t stop until you get there.

Ready to hear your creative calling? Let’s go!


🔍 Uncover your soul’s passion

🔥 Reignite the fire for your creative calling

🛠️ Develop resources to support your expansion


✅ 1:1 call via zoom

✅ Convenient scheduling

✅ Values Elicitation

✅ Motivation Alignment

✅ Strategic Goal setting


3 hours | $500

Schedule your call here. Difficulty finding a time? Send me a message and let’s see what we can find.

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📣 Clarify your message

💡 Create copy that converts

🗺️ Outline clear and systematic next steps

🛠️ Develop resources to support your continued expansion


✅ 1:1 call via zoom

✅ Convenient scheduling

✅ Ideal client avatar

✅ Content strategy calendar

✅ Values prioritization


3 hours | $500

Schedule your call here. Difficulty finding a time? Send me a message and let’s see what we can find.

Branding Call


Focusing the Creative Calling

Who are you and how do you help people?

At this point you’re clear on your ultimate trajectory. You know the big picture, the “what” you’re called to do, but you struggle to make sure others understand it, let alone how to find focus in how to bring it into reality.


I get it. Sometimes our lifelong vision for our lives feels too etheric. And, we get lost in the myriad of details that all feel both important and urgent. So, let’s bring it down to earth together.

What does that vision mean for you tangibly? Who are you helping? What’s their result? How do they work with you? What makes you the obvious expert they should hire for it?

In this session we’ll craft your specific voice. This is a perfect first step for those looking to meet with a web designer and or photographer. Or any digital graphic artist to make image/branding for you. The clearer you are, the better those experts can capture and create the essence of you that sells, communicates, and converts while you sleep. They’ll thank you! (Trust me.)

Focus the light. A flashlight burns. And a
laser pointer gets right to the core.

Business Structuring

Packaging and Selling the Creative Calling

You know the vision for your life. You’re clear on your brand. But what are you offering your clients? What’s the structure of your business? How do you package and sell your offers?

In this session together we’ll take the best of what you do and figure out how to package it. Hourly rates are out. People want to know what result you’ll get them. So, let’s get you clear on packages and offers that will offer your clients practical transformation.

How can you deliver value? What do you make and create and how can you have more time to do that? What can you outsource? What’s your hourly rate?

You’ll have clarity and answers for all of this when you’re done. A fully realized business model ready to engage and convert clients at any stage in the journey. Includes a bespoke roster of places to go and people specifically curated to help you succeed. The world needs what you and only you can do. Let’s make sure they can find you through right channels. Yes the world is consumeristic. Let’s take advantage of that for your career.

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🌟 Clarify your signature offerings

🚀 Develop next steps and sequential ordering for ultimate success

📚 Receive a curated resources guide to help you get where you’re going – fast!


✅ 1:1 call via zoom

✅ Convenient scheduling

✅ Strategic planning for the next year.

✅ Understanding of value (internal and financial!)

✅ Communication understanding to close sales


3 hours | $500

Schedule your call here. Difficulty finding a time? Send me a message and let’s see what we can find.

Signature Packages

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🌱 Heal the unconscious patterns stopping you from your abundant inheritance

🔍 Deep dive into your past; elicit unconscious blocks holding you back

🌈 Release what you don’t want; focus on what you do want Create more space for joy

🛑 Release the doubts holding you back

💪 Build the unconscious belief in yourself

⏱️ Make decisions faster

🎯 Align unconscious and conscious mind to achieve goals


✅ Thorough Detailed Personal History

✅ One-Time Event Release

✅ Negative Emotions Release (5): Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt

✅ Limiting Decisions Releases

✅ Parts Integration

✅ Goal in the Future


✅ 1:1 call via zoom

✅ Convenient scheduling to divide up the hours in a way that supports your schedule


💰 Includes Branding AND Business Structuring calls after the Breakthrough is complete ($1200 value!)


12-15 hours | $4500

Schedule your call here. Difficulty finding a
time? Send me a message and let’s see what
we can find.

The Creative's Money Breakthrough


I get it. Money stories are a lot. So, let’s learn yours! Let’s dive deep. Where did it start? Let’s get to the root. What did you take those stories to mean about yourself? About the world? These stories have been stored as the unconscious programming that’s keeping you repeating cycles that ultimately exhaust you.


In our 15 hours together, we’ll release all the junk cluttering your mind you’ll leave feeling exhilarated and ready to go. We’ll release the five negative emotions, a whole host of limiting decisions, and we’ll integrate parts making it difficult to make decisions, while we help you focus with complete clarity on where you’re going.

The Creative’s Business Coaching and Mentorship Package


In this 3-4 month contract, you’ll have 12 sessions held weekly for 90-minute to ensure you have the support, encouragement, and resources you need to succeed.


Each week we’ll have a time for check in and accountability. We’ll reframe at the conscious levels the blocks and frustrations coming up from someone who’s both been there and has the tools to help you find the answer for yourself. You’ve had it all along you just can’t hear it from inside your own head.

This is on the ground weekly commitment. Someone in the trenches with you. Let’s clear through the blocks that come up for you so you achieve more than you ever knew you could.

Aspects available
🎯 Future Goals Setting (Using Accountability Coaching, Limiting Decision Release, Visualization, etc)
📆 My Present and "getting to cause" week by week (Using ICF coaching to help me be more empowered),
🤝 Mentorship/Advising
⏳ My Past and how it is directly impacting me now (Using Time Line Therapy, NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy, etc),
📋 Accountability Coaching (weekly tasking assigned each week while being supported and held accountable)

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🌟 Weekly support and clarity

🛠️ Real-time support with the challenges that arise from building a business

🗣️ A constructive place to express your concerns and frustrations


✅ 1:1 call via Zoom

✅ Text support during the week

✅ 15-minute phone call check-in during the week when requested

✅ Convenient scheduling


💰 Includes Vision, Branding AND Business Strategy Signature Sessions as listed above. ($1500 value!)


12-15 hours | $4500

Schedule your call here. Difficulty finding a
time? Send me a message and let’s see what
we can find.


1:1 Session Information and Packages

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1:1 Sessions


Looking to get to know me? Curious about a specific style of working together? Looking for a tune up? Let’s dive in! Choose your preferred style of coaching or explore a combination of styles to see what serves you best.

Styles offered:

🧘‍♂️ Somatic Coaching

🤝 ICF Coaching

🧠 NLP Coaching

💤 Hypnotherapy

🌀 Reiki sessions

🎹 Organ Lessons

🎼 Piano Lessons

🎤 Vocal Coaching

🔄 Hybrid: combine styles from above!



🌟 Stay motivated and committed with dedicated support

⚖️ Experience fulfillment and balance in all aspects of life


✅ In-person or call via Zoom

✅ Convenient scheduling

✅ Flexible and customizable experience

90 Minute Session  | $300

6 Pack |  $1650

12 Pack | $3000

Schedule your call here. Difficulty finding a
time? Send me a message and let’s see what
we can find.

Group Classes

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The Abundant Artist

Out with the STARVING… embrace your ABUNDANT era!

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